What is ePay?

With ePay, you'll be able to submit claims electronically through our secure provider web portal. It's quick, easy, convenient and free—best of all, it means both happy clients and happy providers.

How ePay works

  • Register for ePay with Medavie Blue Cross. (Please note, there are some restrictions based on your region and specialty. To see if you're eligible, view the list of accepted provider types below.) You'll receive access to our secure web portal.
  • When a client of yours has Blue Cross or Federal program coverage, you simply log into the portal and submit the claim electronically in real-time. You'll know right away how much your client is eligible for.
  • Your client pays only the portion not covered by their benefit plan. (Not applicable to Federal programs.)
  • The eligible portion of your client's claim is deposited directly into your bank account.

Health Professional receiving Blue Cross card

Benefits of ePay

  • Convenience for your clients—they're not required to submit claim forms or pay more up-front than they need to.
  • Your payments are automatically deposited into your bank account.
  • Easily keep track of claims and payment summaries using the secure portal.
  • Submit pre-authorization/pre-determinations to confirm client eligibility.
  • You'll be added to our list of ePay providers, which clients can search using Medavie Mobile*.
Health Professional receiving Blue Cross card
*Medavie Mobile is only available to members of Medavie Blue Cross private group and individual business. Clients and members of Federal programs are able to search health professionals using the secure My Info benefits account site.


Who can register for ePay?

Based on your practice, your region, and the clients you serve, there may be restrictions.

Providers who serve clients with private group or individual plans through Medavie Blue Cross:

Massage Therapist
Vision (Eye) Care Professional

Providers who serve clients with Federal program coverage (for Veterans Affairs Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Armed Forces):

Ambulance/Health Travel Services
Audiology (Hearing) Services
Clinical Care Manager
Hearing and Speech Language Pathologist
Home Health Care Supplier
Marriage and Family Therapist
Massage Therapist
Medical Services (Doctor)
Medical Supplies
Nursing Services
Occupational Therapist
OSI Clinic
Personal Care Worker
Social Worker

Register for ePay now

What if I am not eligible for ePay?

You can still register to be an approved provider with Blue Cross. Registering as an approved provider means your clients with Blue Cross coverage will be eligible to submit claims for services you provide. You'll also appear in our approved provider list, which our members can search using Medavie Mobile.