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Almost 60% of your employees have a chronic disease.

That’s based on the research in the latest Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey. And that can mean lost productivity, higher drug spends, and more disability claims.

The good news is, we can help – with our new extended health care benefit specifically for chronic disease management. It’s a smart investment today for long term health – for your employees and your organization.

Healthcare simplified

We’ve registered a network of qualified, credentialed, community-based health professionals specializing in health education, coaching and support. Members, and their dependents, have access to customized healthcare services for:

Delivered by our growing, national network of experts including respiratory therapists, diabetes educators, nurses, and pharmacists.

Accessible, flexible, personal. Our managing chronic disease health care benefit puts the member in control of their treatment plan.

The new standard for organizational health

We’re now including this benefit on all of our standard insured group health plans, and it can be added seamlessly to any existing health plan, regardless of funding structure.

Organizational health benefits

An easy and effective way to support employees and better health within your organization

Rolls seamlessly onto existing plans

Short and long term positive health results

Group Admin toolkit to engage your workforce

Member health benefits

Continuous support navigating the complexities of chronic condition management

Provides coverage for employee and dependents

Flexibility to get access resources on the member’s schedule

Empowers members through a model of self-care, which has shown great results

With our managing chronic disease benefit, combined with other elements of your group health plan, you can improve health outcomes for your employees and reduce the impact on your organization.

We’re more than a health insurance provider – we’re a healthcare partner

Optimizing organizational health – part of our vision for a healthier future.

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