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Competition # Title End date Location
2017-195 Account Coordinator, Sales 07-Apr-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-090 Administration analyst – Client solutions 29-Apr-2017 Montreal, QC
2017-104 Administrative Assistant Analyst 29-Mar-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-166 Analyst, Brokerage Sales 28-Mar-2017 Montreal, QC
2017-158 Analyst, Health and Dental claims 25-Apr-2017 Montreal, QC
2017-165 Bilingual Disability Case Specialist 05-Apr-2017 Montreal (Downtown), QC
2017-200 Claims Analyst 05-Apr-2017 Dartmouth, NS
2017-209 Client Solutions 16-Apr-2017 Montreal, QC
2017-167 Contract writer 28-Mar-2017 Montreal, QC
2017-196 Corporate Account Representative 01-Apr-2017 St. John’s, NL
2017-236 Cost Accountant 08-Apr-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-172 Customer Service Representative 27-May-2017 Montreal
2017-179 Customer Service Representative 31-Mar-2017 Dartmouth, NS
2017-149 Director, Group Underwriting 01-Apr-2017 Moncton, NB or Montreal, QC
2017-169 Disability Case Manager 27-Mar-2017 Dartmouth, NS
2017-180 Executive Assistant 25-Mar-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-238 Financial Analyst 08-Apr-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-203 Group Underwriting Technician 28-Mar-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-168 Medical underwriting technician 28-Mar-2017 Montreal, QC
2017-231 Policy Administrator 05-Apr-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-204 Quick Pay Customer Service Representative 27-Mar-2017 Halifax, NS
2017-170 Recruitment Consultant 28-Mar-2017 Montreal, QC
2017-192 Recruitment Coordinator 25-Mar-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-183 Recruitment Coordinator 28-Mar-2017 Montreal, QC
2017-197 Rehabilitation Consultant 30-Mar-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-206 Sales Assistant 01-Apr-2017 Etobicoke, ON
2017-199 Senior Group Underwriter 27-Mar-2017 Toronto, ON
2017-185 Special Authorization Analyst 30-Mar-2017 Moncton, NB
2017-187 Web Systems Administrator 25-Mar-2017 Moncton, NB or Dartmouth, NS
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